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Are you a real estate agent that has frequent open houses that require cleaning prior to staging? Are you seeking to partner with a cleaning company that is not only reliable, but offers professional excellent services for an affordable rate? We are ready to partner with you.

Our cleaning services include move in and move out cleaning as well as we are readily available for all of your cleaning needs. Contact Mack Maids and get a free quote. We work with several real estate agents and brokers in the area and are looking to expand. If you are ready to have a partnership with a company to ensure that your fix and flips, client properties and move in and move out services are taken care of then we are the company for your.

Our clients include brokerage firms, independent realtor accounts and more. We are seeking to add you to our growing client list. The greatest benefit of our services is that you do not have to be present for our cleaning crew to take care of you. In fact, you can leave the key or a code and we will take care of the rest. We are even offering carpet cleaning as well as COVID-19 Disinfection services.

Get ahead of the game and schedule a free consultation to see how our services can fit into your current needs.

Call 803-468-9915 today!


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