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That's right! The reviews are in and we are for sure a 5 Star office cleaning company.

If you are in the Kennesaw, GA, Marietta, GA and or Acworth, GA area, we invite you to give us a try. There is no better way to grow your business than to ensure that you have an organized business for your clients to come to work in. If you have been struggling with finding a reliable cleaning company that can clean and is flexible to your needs, look no further than Mack Maids.

Our brand promise is centered around ensuring that we not only deliver quality cleanings to you each and every time that we are in your office cleaning, but we consider our clients like family and building relationship is at the center of our brand. We understand what it is like running the day-to-day operations of a business and know that it takes a lot to do its all. Why not outsource cleaning and take it off of our place.

Our process is simple! We will come to your space in person or virtual (which most of our clients prefer) due to their busy schedules and provide you with a quote.

It is that easy!

Call to schedule today at 1-866-592-517


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