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Here are Mack Maids, we understand the importance of protecting our clients as well as our workers. That is why, we have placed COVID-19 standards and procedures in place to ensure that we are all protected and safe when cleaning your residence or business.

All of our employees are temperature screened prior to entering a home or business.

We also have 100% vaccinated employees as well.

We understand that the safety of your family during this time is imperative and want to ensure you that we are taking precautions as well as providing excellent services to you. All staff will wear masks and gloves while working in your home and/or business establishment.

If there has been a COVID-19 outbreak, please let us know. Not only doo we offer disinfection services, but we also want to ensure that we are prepared to properly clean your space.

We will all get through the pandemic together and we understand that safety is key!

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