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Mid Year Deep Cleaning

This is the time of the year that we recommend all of our clients to schedule a mid-year deep cleaning. This deep cleaning is quite different than your regular deep cleanings that you have scheduled. We ensure that we not only deep clean, but that we assist you in purging items that you do not need anymore. We also assist you to organize your closet, pantry and office space if desired.

What a perfect time of year for you to schedule a mid-year deep cleaning with Mack Maids. Click here to be directed to our online booking form so that you can schedule your service.

Some perks of scheduling a mid-year cleaning are as follows:

#1 Avoid Build Up

One of the toughest things about maintaining a clean home is allowing build-up to get worse as the months progress. This service allows us to get rid of build-up scum on surfaces as well as cobwebs in the basement or other areas of your home.

#2. Zone Cleaning

We find that individuals who are on a schedule of zone cleaning have a higher chance of ensuring that they are able to maintain a clean home throughout the year. Getting on a regular schedule will assist you in doing just that.

#3 Save money

Our mid-year cleaning is discounted so that you now only get a deep cleaning with organizational benefits, but you are able to maintain your home in between thus decreasing the need for subsequent deep cleanings after your service.

Schedule your service today.

We look forward to servicing you.

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